A Little Preparation for a Certain Uncertainty: The Collapse of the Empire is Underway

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(Perrin Lovett, Reckonin’) – Some time ago, I postulated that three events would herald the dissolution of the GAE and the former US as a cohesive nation-state: economic collapse, a substantial overseas military defeat, and a catastrophic civil war. I speculated all three would probably happen roughly at the same time. I was right. While at times it may not exactly look like it, all three of these things are currently in progress.

In a moment, I want to get into some good general advice —as dangerous a thing as that is— that may help someone in America at some point. But first, a glance at the three combined factors may be in order. The economic situation, like a slow-rolling and unstoppable permanent depression, has been in the works for years. The real economy in the GAE and much of the West has been destroyed, as has been the very concept of money. What we’re left with is a façade and I’m not really sure what keeps it standing. Sooner or later, even that will fall. The GAE-NATO war on Russia looks like a major foreign defeat and it is. But that front is only one part of the larger global conflict. In many ways, our economic woes and brewing, bubbling civil discontent are also smaller fronts in the greater conflict.

There are many fronts and many sides. Yet for clarity, this new world war (that’s what it is) essentially boils down to Christians and their allies versus satanists and their dupes (and captives). Americans, we, and much of the Western population count as captives. We’re on the wrong side of this one. And while most of us are not directly responsible for the evil our leaders perpetrate here and abroad, we’re still…

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