Alabama Senators Call bumbling biden’s Bluff and It Hits Hard

(Don’t tell me I can’t make fun of biden busting his arse. People laugh when I do and I do it often. As for biden, he was dumb enough to think he could play games with a fellow sharp enough to coach in the SEC – DD)

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Alabama senators call Biden’s bluff and just defunded all Air Force spending…

(Revolver) – In a move that’s not too surprising, the Biden administration is once again attempting to pressure red states and drain them of resources. This is nothing new; we’ve seen this regime use every unethical and unfair political tool in their arsenal to desperately maintain power. The silver lining is that this time, their strategy has backfired. The Biden administration thought that they had a sure-fire plan to squeeze red states financially by revoking a contract to build the Space Force HQ in Alabama. The decision was supposedly made because of Alabama’s stringent abortion laws. But, in a briliant countermove, Alabama’s U.S. legislators, specifically Senator Tuberville from the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Mike Rogers, the head of the House Armed Services Committee, have cut all funding for the Air Force.

Here’s what…

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