An Armed Forces Recruiting Dilema in the Wake of Woke

(Having been there, I’ve never recommended any youngster pursue a career in the military. Southerners are only wanted for war, not peacetime service. Recent events reinforce just how appreciated we are. Pointless saber rattling with Russia and China does not signal not a promising outcome. Once again, the powers in DC have a desire for us to plug up the Fulda Gap with our corpses- DD)

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Commander’s Column for August 2023

(The Prattville Dragoons) – Senator Marsha Blackburn recently Tweeted, “Our nation is facing a serious recruitment challenge. We need more brave young men and women to serve our country.” There is apparently a sire shortage of military recruits currently while our nation faces major threats with a growing Sino-Russian cooperation affecting eastern Europe and the Asian-Pacific regions. The South has throughout the 20th century to the present offered the military service of her young men in disproportionately high numbers. But today many are choosing not to enter the armed forces as a result of many factors which certainly may include a military establishment’s agenda that is proving to be at odds with the conservative values Southern men hold dear.

There has been a trend, interestingly since the “Make America Great Again” movement sprang up with the Trump candidacy and presidency with high school boys identifying as conservative twice as much as those identifying as liberal.

This might place this potential recruiting pool at odds with a liberal POTUS currently residing in the White House. Certainly, the public’s sense of patriotism and zeal for enlistment wax and wane with the Commander in Chief’s disposition to either refer to the United States as a “shining city upon a hill” as Reagan did or a POTUS say stoking “the blight of racism” and pushing globo-socialist policies in contrast to the message of American exceptionalism and capitalism espoused by most Presidents. Trust in the military has plummeted under the Biden administration as many perceive the branches to be intent on implementing woke political policies as some cultural experiment…

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