And Just Like That, It’s No Longer an Insurrection

(It never was an insurrection. It wasn’t even a ‘mostly-peaceful’ protest – DD)

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(PJ Media) – And just like that, the January 6 insurrection is no more. And the deconstruction story is really something. At the center of this narrative switcheroo is none other than Ray Epps.

Before we get to that, let’s remember how we got here. It took only moments for the Democrat media complex to anoint the January 6 breach and riot at the U.S. Capitol Building an “insurrection.” As if beckoned by an unseen force, narrative builders dutifully lined up to receive the official wafer on their tongues, and voilà! “Trump supporters” who had never committed an act of violence at years of peaceful and crowded rallies were eligible for a 20-year prison stretch.

Shortly thereafter, the insurrection became a deadly insurrection when the same media reported, wrongly, that police officers were killed by rioters on January 6.

The only ones who died on January 6 were killed by police.

Awful it was, but insurrection? No.

Now, however, insurrection is just passé.

And you can thank…

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