biden Admin’s Treatment of Afghan Skedaddle’s Gold Star Families Was the ‘Ultimate Disrespect’

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‘The Ultimate Disrespect’: Gold Star Families Trash Biden Admin Over Afghanistan Withdrawal

(Daily Wire) – A number of Gold Star family members laid into President Joe Biden and members of his administration, calling them out over the disastrous exit from Afghanistan that took the lives of their loved ones.

At an event in Escondido, California — hosted by Mayor Dane White and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) — relatives of the thirteen service members killed by the suicide bomber at the Kabul airport on August 26, 2021, joined together to speak publicly about their experiences.

Issa introduced the event, billed as the Afghanistan Gold Star Families Public Forum, saying that while they had officially allotted five minutes for each family member who wanted to speak, no one was going to enforce time limits as long as the families had something to share.

Issa also made it clear that the ultimate goal was to make sure that such a tragedy never happened again: “Did they have to die? Could we have done something different? … I only apologize that we didn’t do it sooner.”

Then the family members began to speak, and they had little if anything positive to say about Biden and the military leaders who had been a part of the decision-making process during the troop drawdown and withdrawal — and most were absolutely furious that the administration had then insisted the withdrawal had been a “success.”

SSG Taylor Hoover’s mother was among those who spoke…

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