Endless Wars, Leftist Policies, Forced Jabs… Wonder Why Woke Air Force Struggling to Obtain New Air-“men”?

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(Lisa Daftari, The Foreign Desk) The United States Air Force is currently struggling to obtain new airmen for its ranks and will likely miss its active-duty, reserve, and Air National Guard recruitment plans in 2023, Air Force secretary Frank Kendall said this week.

According to reports, Kendall spoke at the Air and Space Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium in Colorado, pointing to the decreased interest in seeking service in the military as one of the primary factors to a projected shortfall that will occur this year concerning new recruitments.

“We are currently projecting about a 10% shortfall this year in the active Air Force and more in the Guard and Reserve,” Kendall said at the Air and Space Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium.

“We are swimming upstream against the reduced propensity to serve nationally across the board and a limited percentage of qualified candidates.”

According to Michael Rubin, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (A.E.I.) and former Pentagon official, the Air Force “isn’t alone in this problem.”

“Across the U.S. military, missed goals are…

U.S. Air Force Struggling to Obtain New Airmen – The Foreign Desk | by Lisa Daftari