War Is Peace! George Orwell Does DC…

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(The American Conservative) – In a world aflame, the Biden administration launched a new round of airstrikes against Iranian-linked forces backing the Syrian government. American officials claimed “self-defense”—for America’s invading force illegally occupying Syria’s land, plundering its resources, and sanctioning its government. Washington foreign policy, meet George Orwell’s 1984.

How many conflicts does the administration want? The United States is fighting a proxy war against nuclear-armed Russia that could go hot despite Washington’s intentions. The U.S. ostentatiously provides intelligence, training, and weapons to kill Russian personnel, bombard Russian bases, and destroy Russian materiel. The risk of escalation by Moscow, which has far more at stake than the U.S. in Ukraine, is great.Washington also is filled with talk of a real, not proxy, war against another serious military power with nuclear weapons. For China, Taiwan is a nationalistic and security imperative. Washington’s barely disguised commitment to defend an island state some 100 miles off China’s coast risks a Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse. What could possibly go wrong?

Yet Washington continues to waste American lives, materiel, and credibility for barely discernible objectives in…

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