I Thought CNN Always WAS ‘Artificial Intelligence’

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This Startup Wants to Create an AI-Generated CNN

(Hollywood Reporter) – Standing in what appears to be a modern newsroom, the business correspondent breaks down the earnings report from Disney, highlighting subscriber growth at its streaming services and revenue at its theme parks. Rattling off stats and figures as images of Mickey Mouse and Disney+ fill the screen, a user might not think twice about the report.

But a closer look would show that the correspondent’s lips weren’t quite matching up to the words she was saying.

The video is a demo clip from a startup called Channel 1 News, which is seeking to use generative artificial intelligence to create a new type of video news channel. Founded by producer and director Scott Zabielski (Tosh.0, The Jim Jefferies Show) and tech entrepreneur Adam Mosam, Channel 1 will launch this year with a 30-minute weekly show made available through a FAST channel, though the ambition is to produce newscasts customized for every user (Mosam says that next year they intend to produce between…

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