Is the United States Becoming a “Banana Republic”?

(Political corruption. Check. Police corruption. Check. Shrinking productive class. Check. Rising poverty. Check. Stifling of Free Speech. Check. Summary Execution of elderly dissidents… – DD)

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(Brion McClanahan) – The latest Trump indictment led to another round of conservatives describing the United States as a “third world country” and a “banana republic.”

At the same time, Al Sharpton questioned whether Republicans wanted “George III or the confederacy” for their continued support of Trump.

American politics are historically stupid.

The Untied States isn’t in danger of becoming a “banana republic.” The analogy doesn’t work.

Nor is Donald Trump either King George III or Jefferson Davis.

He’s a 1940s New Deal Democrat.

More importantly, the best historical analogy for the modern United States is Imperial Rome.

The “republic” died a long time ago, killed by Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party.

The Imperial United States will eventually meet the same fate as Imperial Rome.

The process has already…

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