Joe Biden And His Warmongering Minions Seem Absolutely Determined To Drag America Into World War III

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(The Economic Collapse) – When the nukes start falling, nobody will be able to say that they weren’t warned. Thanks to Joe Biden and his warmongering minions, we are steamrolling toward World War III, but most Americans don’t seem to care. Most of us just continue to party our lives away, but meanwhile our leaders seem absolutely determined to drag us into an apocalyptic conflict. The Biden administration is constantly provoking China and constantly escalating the war in Ukraine, and one of these days they could cross a line that will never be able to be uncrossed. They are literally playing with fire, but they won’t be the only ones that get burned if they push things too far.

This week, we learned that the Biden administration has decided to give cluster munitions to Ukraine as part of a new $800 million military assistance package.

The dual-purpose improved conventional munitions, or DPICMs, are surface-to-surface warheads that explode and disperse multiple small munitions or bombs over wide areas — bringing more widespread destruction than single rounds. The rounds can be charges that penetrate armored vehicles, or they can shatter or fragment to be more dangerous for people.

Some human rights groups oppose…

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