National Institutes Of Health To Spend $1.4 Million For ‘Anti-Racist Healing In Nature’

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(Daily Wire) – The National Institutes of Health is set to spend more than $1.4 million in taxpayer funds to back a study on “anti-racist healing in nature.”

The study, which is currently being performed by San Francisco State University, began in September 2021 and is scheduled to conclude in August 2023. While the obligated funding for the research was $1,045,078, a revision to the agreement, dated June 7, 2023, notes that an additional $387,308 had been provided, bringing the total to $1,432,387.

Formally titled “Examining Anti-Racist Healing in Nature to Protect Telomeres of Transitional Age BIPOC for Health Equity,” the study posits that racial health disparities likely persist “due to racism and discrimination that increase chronic stress and limits access to the social determinants of health.”

The description of the grant says it is “community-prioritized research that will engage ancestral knowledges from different communities of color in a multilevel effort to address growing health disparities via intersectoral collaborators.” The strategy includes…

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