Neighbors Furious at FBI Shooting of ‘Teddy Bear’ Utah Man, Displaying of Body Afterward

(Remember this keyboard commandos. Government-supremacists will use any excuse to be rid of you. Be careful what you type that might be twisted into an excuse.
When you give government-supremacists a hammer, every problem is a nail. Just because a shooting like this is legal, does not mean it is justified. Especially, if there were better ways to handle the situation. The Waco, Texas ATF raid comes to mind. If this man were an urban, black citizen, he would be painted a victim and cities would be burning right now… – DD)

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(Flag & Cross) – Neighbors of the 75-year-old man killed in Utah after allegedly making threats to President Joe Biden and others are speaking out regarding the man they knew.

The FBI went to Craig Robertson’s home in Provo Wednesday to serve search warrants and to arrest Robertson for his previous online threats for a few individuals in the Democratic Party, according to CNBC.

One neighbor, Connor Bunch, described Robertson as a “teddy bear” who took care of his blind son, the New York Post reported.

“He would guide his son through church and pick a seat for him, tapped his son on the shoulder to signal where to sit,” Bunch said.

“Without his dad, I think he’s going to have a really hard time just doing basic things.”

The neighbor added that “[Robertson] had a hard time himself and walked with a cane,” but he still took care of…

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