Resident biden has finally found a border he finds worthy of securing

(Yep. Just leave it to DC and they will push Texas and the rest of Southern states out of this unhealthy relationship THEY forced us to belong to. – DD)

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Resident biden Plotting ‘Remain in Texas’ Policy for Illegals to Prevent Busing to Blue States – Abbot Vows ‘Even More Buses’

(Wester Journal) – President Joe Biden has finally found a border he finds worthy of securing, apparently.

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday (behind a paywall, but Fox News summarized it here) that the Biden administration was considering implementing a policy that would require illegal immigrants who manage to pass through the porous U.S. border with Mexico into Texas to stay in that state.

The unnamed U.S. officials reportedly told the Times that the administration planned to claim that the proposed policy would somehow stem the tide of illegal immigration into Texas — but Gov. Gregg Abbott said Biden needs to re-think his plans.

“Biden considers forcing migrant families to remain in Texas,” Abbott wrote Friday on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “This scam was tried years ago & was shot down by a judge. We will send Biden the same swift justice.

“And,” he added, “we will add even more buses of migrants to Washington D.C.”…

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