Saying It Out Loud! Democrat Says Trump “Needs to be Shot”

(If you said the same thing about former-presidents obama or slick, you’d be rooming with the J6 crowd immediately. Make no mistake. It’s not just Trump. These people want ALL of US dead! -DD)

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(WLT News) – Freudian slip?

Saying the quiet part out loud?

Whatever the case, this comment should ring alarm bells.

While speaking on MSNBC’s ‘The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart,’ Democrat Stacey Plaskett (non-voting delegate from the Virgin Islands) had an ominous slip of the tongue.

Plaskett said referring to Donald Trump: “He needs to be shot, stopped.”

The full quote read: “Having Trump not only have had the codes, but now having the classified information for Americans and being able to put that out and share it in his resort with anyone and everyone who comes through, should be terrifying to all Americans. And he needs to be shot, stopped.”…

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