‘See You In Court’: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Responds To Biden’s Legal Threats Over Floating Border Barrier

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(Daily Caller) – Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas sent a letter Monday to President Joe Biden, formally responding to threats of legal action from the Department of Justice (DOJ) over his states floating buoy barrier installed in the Rio Grande River.

Abbott defended his authority to have the floating buoy barrier built, accusing Biden of flouting U.S. immigration law with his border policies and violating the constitutional rights of states to protect themselves from an “invasion,” the letter read. The DOJ sent a letter Thursday to Abbott, accusing him of breaking the law, according to CNN.

Abbott announced in early June the placement of a floating buoy barrier in the Rio Grande River to deter illegal immigration. Before that, he sent two letters, one in November and another in January, to the president that outlined the toll the border crisis presents to the State of Texas. Abbott hand delivered the June letter, which provided border policy suggestions, to Biden while the president paid his first visit to the southern border….

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