SPLC Rebranding, Expanding but Keeping their Mega-funds and the Poverty Palace

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Why the SPLC’s new logo ditched its famous icon
Justice comes in many forms—to serve them all, the Southern Poverty Law Center had to give up its signature scales of justice brand mark.

(Fast Company) The Southern Poverty Law Center bankrupted the Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups through the power of the legal system—and so it might have come as a surprise when the organization recently unveiled its new logo, it was conspicuously lacking the scales of justice icon that had defined the organization for years.

It was a change that no one on the project team took lightly—but the organization was committed to bold moves, and for good reason.

“Historically, it’s been a law firm, it’s been a legal service for voting rights and civil rights and advocacy groups, but over time, it’s expanded into something that’s much more than that,” says Chris Mihal, SPLC’s director of creative.

In 2022, the organization completed a new strategic framework focused on its four…

The Southern Poverty Law Center gets a new logo