Texas Responds to Border Invasion

(The right of a state to declare war if invaded is enshrined in the Constitution. It does not require federal approval. Texas is right to deploy defensive measures. States have done so in the past to combat smuggling of goods, let alone people. – DD)

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Four more Texas counties declare invasion at southern border

New coalition forms to encourage other counties to declare invasion

(Center Square) – The judges and commissioners of four more Texas counties have declared an invasion at the southern border: Frio, Karnes, La Salle and Medina.

The judges of these counties also joined a new coalition led by newly elected Atascosa County Judge Weldon Cude in an effort to urge other counties to declare an invasion and defend the sovereignty of Texas.

Cude was among 87 judges who were newly elected in November. Prior to his election, Atascosa County was among the first to issue a disaster declaration in 2021 and declared an invasion in 2022.

When Cude came into office in January, he couldn’t understand why more counties hadn’t declared an invasion, he told The Center Square in an exclusive interview.

“Why wouldn’t you declare an invasion?” Cude asked. “If you have people from all over the world coming into your county by bus, plane, or smuggling people and drugs, why wouldn’t you declare an invasion?

“It’s important when you have millions coming across your southern border. What is it – if it isn’t an invasion?”

Prior to being elected county judge, Cude was elected to serve for six terms as county commissioner representing a majority Hispanic population in a rural area south of…

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