That Beastly ‘Worldcoin’

(Absolutely beastly, end-times conspirators are at it again – DD)

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“Worldcoin” Is Here: Just Get Your Eyes Scanned By “The Orb” And Your New “World ID” Will Be Issued To You

(The Economic Collapse) – Have you had your eyes scanned by “The Orb” yet? All it takes is just one trip, and once your biometric data is in the database you will receive some free money and a new “digital identity” that you will be able to use all over the Internet. Doesn’t that sound grand? As you will see below, hundreds of thousands of people in Europe have already signed up. Those that have created Worldcoin intend for it to be “a new identity and financial network” that is owned by everyone on the entire planet. The following comes directly from the official Worldcoin website…

“More than three years ago we founded Worldcoin with the ambition of creating a new identity and financial network owned by everyone; the rollout begins today. If successful, we believe Worldcoin could drastically increase economic opportunity, scale a reliable solution for distinguishing humans from AI online while preserving privacy, enable global democratic processes, and eventually show a potential path to AI-funded UBI.”

That initial paragraph certainly sounds wonderful.

But once you start digging a bit deeper you quickly discover the dystopian details of this scheme.

Once you sign up for Worldcoin, your new “World ID” will be issued to you. Ultimately, the goal is for the entire Internet to start using this new “World ID” system…

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