The FBI Is Not “Partisan” – It’s Globalist and Demonic

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Let’s not dismiss the many evils of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Deep State in general as everyday partisan politics. It’s far worse than that.

(America First Report) Let’s start by conspicuously not rehashing the Durham Report. If you’d like to be brought up to speed you can either read this recap by Ben Whedon and Natalia Mittelstadt at Just The News or you can accept this singular takeaway: A lot of bad people did bad things, but nobody’s going to jail and nothing is going to change as a result.

Many patriots are calling for the FBI to be disbanded. These are mostly the same people who have been calling for the FBI to be disbanded for a long time. I’m in that camp. But it won’t happen. The FBI will not be disbanded, defunded, limited, chastised, or given a slap on the wrist. The reason nothing will happen is because too few people are aware of the real dynamic that’s in play.

On the surface, it appears the the FBI is a pawn of the Democrat Party. That’s what they want us to believe. In reality, Democrat (and most Republican) lawmakers are pawns of the Deep State and the FBI is used to either herd them in the direction chosen by the globalist elite cabal or to herd them out of politics. See Madison Cawthorn.

The common belief among America First patriots that the FBI is a partisan organization is inaccurate. That thinking gets the dynamic backwards. They aren’t used by Democrats. They use the Democrats. They aren’t in…

The FBI Is Not “Partisan” — It’s Globalist and Demonic – America First Report