The Government Can…

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(Bron McClanahan) – Back in 2009, the comedian Tim Hawkins created a funny little tune titled ““.It went viral for a time–as good as it could get in 2009–but the point was simple.The government can do anything it wants.


Because the Supreme Court said so, that’s why.

Don’t you know history, McClanahan?You see, the Supreme Court has been expanding the powers of the general government beyond their limitations since 1793. Now it’s almost a rubber stamp, and when it’s not, the progressives want to abolish the Court.Funny how that works. When these petulant children don’t have their toys, they scream and cry until the bad parent gives them back.The toys, of course, are the keys to the federal government.But we all know how the government works: waste, corruption, hypocrisy, unaccountability, etc.Take for example a recent study that found that 80% of…

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