The IRS Went Down to Georgia to Steal an Election

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(Frontpage Mag) An estimated 3.5 million people voted in the Georgia Senate runoff election. State Voices, a leftist nonprofit, claimed that it had made 3 million voter contacts for the runoff.

ProGeorgia, the local partner for State Voices, bragged of having conducted “31,000 face-to-face conversations, 10 million texts, and 133,000 phone conversations” and of registering “tens of thousands for the midterm election” so that “voters of color turned out in early voting at higher levels than their white counterparts”. Such an outcome was inherently partisan and could and only did benefit one particular party: the Democrats.

While such claims are commonplace among party activists, State Voices and Pro-Georgia are both 501(c)(3) nonprofits. That means that they’re funded by tax-deductible contributions and are not supposed to be involved in elections. But they’re also typical of a massive network of political nonprofits which not only advocate for the Left but help Democrats win races.

“We leaned on our trusted partners in our fight for our democracy. Partnership for Southern Equity, Georgia Equality, Black Voters Matter, Coalition for the People’s Agenda, Georgia STAND-UP, and GALEO were instrumental in securing this critical win for people power,” ProGeorgia’s director, Tamieka Atkins, boasted.

The Black Lives Matter Fund has a 501(c)(4) that focuses on recruiting voters and a 501(c)(3) which engages in “capacity building assistance for community based organization” which can accept tax-deductible contributions. This is likely where ProGeorgia partnered with BVM.

“Georgia voters practically handed victories to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with a historic election outcome,” BVM head LaTosha Brown boasted. “Georgia owes tremendous gratitude to its Black voters, who turned out and voted in record numbers.”

BVM benefited from a $100 million voter outreach and engagement war chest from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is…

The IRS Went Down to Georgia to Steal an Election | Frontpage Mag