“The Military Can’t Afford to Alienate Anyone Except White Men”

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Also those who won’t get vaccinated.

(Frontpage Mag) The Biden administration’s reaction to being criticized for playing identity politics with the military has been to play identity politics with the military. Are you concerned about our military readiness now that its purpose has been redefined to focus on the national security threats emerging from climate change, white privilege, and abortion bans? Please allow the man claiming to be a woman to explain why you’re undermining military readiness.

As assistant secretary of defense for readiness, Shawn Skelly oversees military preparedness for warfighting, including training programs, equipment safety and munitions supplies.

And Skelly has a message for Republicans accusing the Department of Defense of promoting diversity and inclusion in the armed forces at the expense of military readiness: their campaign is what’s hurting the military’s warfighting capabilities.

“If you want to be ready, then you have to ensure that everybody that is in your force can be their best selves and contribute as a member of a team and be seen as valuable…

“The Military Can’t Afford to Alienate Anyone Except White Men” | Frontpage Mag