The most dangerous recession might not be economic

(The Constitution gives the feds one job [outside of delivering mail] and they botch the whole deal. The border is a sieve. Our military is a ‘woke’ shambles. We don’t need to be the world police, but do we really need feds when they can’t/won’t do what they are supposed to? Would your boss keep you around? – DD)

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Our enemies will take note as the size and capabilities of US military shrinking

(FOX) – If you turn on your television and radio, or log onto any social media platform you’ll likely hear talking heads offering opinions on our country’s inflation and economic recession problems. This is a very grave threat to the well-being of Americans, induced by a bloated government and excessive government spending.

However, one thing noticeably absent from the national discussions is perhaps the most dire kind of recession – a recession of recruitment for our military.

Long-term, the failure of our Armed Forces to meet their recruiting objectives across all branches could pose far worse consequences for the United States than the sluggish economy. During testimony on March 29, 2023, Lt. Gen. Caroline Miller, deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services, stated, “The Air Force is projected to fall below [fiscal year 2023] active duty recruiting goals by roughly 4,100.”

his loss comes as the first failure to meet active-duty recruitment projections since 1999.

Meanwhile, the Army…

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