The Ruling Class’s Two-Tier System Will Drive Us Toward Chaos

(That should be ‘Further Into Chaos’ – DD)

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(The Federalist) – The echelons of power within the government, the media, and throughout society appear to be wittingly or unwittingly nurturing the seeds of another Timothy McVeigh as they continue to target their political opponents. They are crafting the playbook for the very forces they claim to counter.

Timothy McVeigh, an ordinary Army veteran, turned to radicalization fueled by deep-seated grievances with the government. His anger turned to rage after the events at Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas, where the government’s handling of the standoffs led to dozens of deaths, including that of innocent children. McVeigh’s radicalization was fueled by a distrust of government, a sense of hopelessness, and a conviction that he needed to act. This transformation showcases the dangerous convergence of personal grievances, a perceived sense of injustice, and a willingness to resort to extreme measures. It serves as a stark reminder of how ordinary individuals can be swayed toward radical ideologies when their frustrations are left unaddressed and when they perceive the system as failing them.

On the eve of a potential fourth indictment of former President Trump, I cannot help but observe how certain actions and policies, all under the illusion of safeguarding our “democracy,” are sowing the seeds of division and disillusionment. In this theater of political maneuvering, self-anointed “guardians of democracy” have brazenly cast aside time-honored norms and foundational principles as they callously disregard…

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