The Unconstitutional Tragedy of Joe Biden’s Gun Free School Zone Act, Detailed Background

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(AmmoLand) – With the ongoing case in Billings, Montana, where Billings Police collaborated with federal officials to arrest Gabriel (Gabe Metcalf) for exercising his Second Amendment rights, a recap of the history of the federal Gun Free School Zone Acts (GFSZA) is in order. The GFSZA appears to be designed as a direct attack on the exercise of Second Amendment rights and the right to be able to defend against criminal attacks.

The first GFSZA was passed into law in 1989-90. The federal Gun-Free School Zone Act was introduced by some of the most rabid Anti-Second Amendment zealots, Herb Kohl of Wisconsin and Joe Biden of Delaware. Yeah, that Joe Biden.

The effect of the law was to make it impossible to travel with a firearm for defense in nearly all incorporated areas in the United States. Because the GFSZA includes all the area within 1000 feet of the property line of all schools, including private and parochial schools as well as public schools, the extremely large areas outside of school property often overlap and intersect, creating a trap for people who are exercising their Second Amendment rights.

There are exceptions in the act for private property, people licensed by the state, and firearms that are unloaded and locked up. Here are the important parts…

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