The White House Has Become an Adult Daycare Center

(Jimmy Carter could run circles around this decrepid clown even while on Hospice! – DD)

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(Red State) – With well over a thousand people having been slaughtered in Israel on October 7th and hundreds still being held hostage, Joe Biden’s staffers and supporters are focusing on the real victims: The Muslim community.

Sure, you may have thought that the people mowed down at a music festival by hang-gliding terrorists or the babies who were burned alive alongside their parents were the story. You’d be wrong, though, because those atrocities simply can’t match up to the nebulous scourge that is “Islamophobia.”

According to a new report, those working inside and outside the White House are upset that Biden isn’t showing them their required level of deference.

Hours before President Joe Biden gave a rare primetime address last week, his head speechwriter sat down with a group of senior Arab and Muslim-American officials to go over the draft and take suggestions.

Dissent was sprouting even inside the White House, where some aides worried that Biden hadn’t shown enough empathy for Palestinian civilians and a Muslim community facing a torrent of anger, said a person familiar with the discussions who, like others, requested anonymity to talk freely.

The hour-long editing session reflects a vigorous outreach effort the White House is undertaking to reassure…

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