The WHO Aims for Global Totalitarian Control of Our Lives

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(America Out Loud) Sunday, May 21, 2023, marked the beginning of the World Health Organization’s aggressive final assault on freedom for the people of the world, as WHO convened their World Health Assembly for the final push to become the world’s policeman on ALL “health” matters (or anything they decide is related to health) for ALL life on the planet: human, animal, plant and even the “health” of our climate.

Dr. Mike Yeadon and Dr. Jonathan Gilthorpe join Dr. Vliet to discuss the totalitarian control the WHO proposes to force on every country in the world under the deceptive guise of “ONE Health” or “public health” responses as we saw mandated lockstep around the world during the last three years of COVID tyranny.

The corrupt media fails to mention that the WHO has no legal mandate and no legal or regulatory authority to impose this health dictatorship on the world.

Wake up, America and the world. Your life and all of your freedoms are at stake. If the WHO International Health Regulatory Agreement or Treaty is signed, it becomes law in all countries in one year if not stopped NOW.

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WHO Aims for Global Totalitarian Control of Our Lives – America Out Loud