U.S. Army Pulls ‘Be All You Can Be’ Ads After Lead Actor Arrested in Domestic Dispute for Strangulation, Assault and Harassment

(Sad. This was actually an ad campaign that had appeal. What a sterling role-model for the youth of Amerika! Just goes to show why we should NEVER sell our children into government-supremacist indenture – DD)

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(Information Liberation) The US Army halted their new multi-million dollar “Be All You Can Be” advertising campaign on Sunday after the lead actor, Jonathan Majors, was arrested over a domestic dispute for strangulation, assault and harassment.

From Army Times, “Army pulls ‘Be All You Can Be’ ads after on-screen narrator arrested”:

Jonathan Majors, who stars as the on-screen narrator in the first wave of Be All You Can Be advertisements, faces charges of assault, strangulation and harassment, a New York Police Department official told Army Times.

The police official said officers responded to a 911 call shortly after 11:00 a.m. at an apartment in the citys Chelsea neighborhood, where they found Majors and a 30-year-old woman with injuries to her head and neck. Officers did a preliminary investigation and arrested the actor.

The case involved a…

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