World War Woke. Army veteran GOP rep says US trying to ‘out-pronoun our enemies’

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Critics say military diversity, equity, inclusion initiatives have hampered recruiting, readiness

(FOX) – A Florida congressman and Army veteran is leading a push to end a Biden initiative on equity and inclusion that he said has created division within the military and weakened U.S. forces.

Republican Rep. Cory Mills cleared the first hurdle in a bid to eliminate the Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion as the GOP pushes back over what they call “woke” policies from the administration.

“There’s too much time being spent on the ideas of correctly identifying pronouns than prioritizing things like increased lethality, readiness and being properly equipped,” Mills told Fox News Digital.

“Personally, from my contacts that are still in the military from when I was there, from some of my contacts who were working over at West Point and the military academies, that our military has been continually weakened because of this focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Mills’ amendment to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would disband…

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