biden’s Expensive, Illegal Electric Vehicle Lie

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Biden Administration’s Electric Vehicle Gambit Is Enormously Expensive—and Illegal

(Daily Signal) Congress has repeatedly rejected radical climate change policies that would increase the price of energy. Now, President Joe Biden is circumventing the legislative branch by moving to force people into using electric vehicles. This plan would impose the costliest regulatory burden ever inflicted on the public.
The vast majority of people don’t support phasing out and eventually banning the sale of internal-combustion engine cars. At a time of record-high inflation and a very expensive new and used vehicle market, these regulations raise the cost of gas-powered cars to push people toward EVs that are, on average, $18,000 more.
The opening gambit of Biden’s plan has three main components. First, the Environmental Protection Agency promulgated new emissions standards for cars and trucks, standards that can be met only by electrification of at least 17% of the new fleet. Second, the EPA and the Department of Transportation worked together to bless California’s reimplementation of its separate (and illegal) greenhouse gas vehicle emissions standards and electric car mandate. Third, the Transportation Department set fuel economy standards that cannot be achieved without …Read the rest