biden’s Green Agenda Runs Straight Through Beijing 

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(Washington Free Beacon) To hear the White House tell it, the Biden administration’s green energy agenda is yet another example of Scranton Joe looking out for America’s blue-collar laborers.

Biden promises that funneling hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars to green energy projects will create an economy full of “well paying, union jobs” that will revitalize America’s manufacturing sector and allow U.S. businesses to “compete and win globally.”

It might be a compelling pitch—if only it were true. Instead, the president’s pursuit of an environmental agenda driven by left-wing fringe groups throws American workers under a Chinese electric bus.

Truth be told, China dominates the green energy supply chain. From slave labor-produced solar panels in Xinjiang to lithium battery plants in Sichuan, the road to renewables runs through the Red Dragon. Our…

How Biden’s Green Agenda Runs Through Beijing