Soylent Green anyone? ‘Boil in Bag’, Cornstarch Eco Cremations to Replace Gas Fires.

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(The National Pulse) – The United Kingdom is set to embrace a new ‘boil in the bag’ cremation method as an environmentally -friendly alternative to gas-fired cremations later this year, following in the footsteps of a number of US states, Canada, and South Africa.

The grim process entails dissolving the body in a 160c cornstarch bag full of water treated with an alkali over four hours. Bones from the remaining skeleton are then dried and crushed into a white powder before being placed into an urn.

The carbon footprint of the ‘boil in the bag’ method is said to be half that of gas-fired cremations. “A typical cremation releases 245kg of carbon, creating a UK annual impact of 115,150 tonnes,” which is the power equivalent of “65,000 households,” states the CDS Group, a cremation consultancy.

“We are encouraged to see that many members of the public are conscious of reducing the carbon footprint, even after death,” said a former coffin maker, Julian Atkinson.

The ‘boil in the bag’ method is merely the latest bizarre idea being forced onto…

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