Climate change: short on proof, drowning in nonsense

(How’s that global warming working out for you in the Kalifornia blizzard? Any Donner Party members in training in LA this week? – DD)

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(Alan Moran, The Spectator Australia) Environmentalism, more particularly its prevalent global warming strain, dominates politics. It is the fourth such banner raised by the disgruntled that has conditioned politics since Medieval times.

Earlier eras saw politics underpinned by a struggle against government taxation which in the anglosphere can be marked by Magna Carta (1215), the English Civil War, and the American War of Independence. France experienced the ‘Fronde’ in 1648, which placed restraints on the king’s ability to levy new taxes, eventuating in the French Revolution a hundred and forty years later when the king was forced to convene a Parliament to seek new revenue sources.

Later, we saw nationalism as a clarion call for a new breed of activists to overturn established rulers thereby creating a new tapestry of sovereign states.

Then we saw socialism, often allied with nationalism but gradually, for the most part, overshadowing it.

Elites spearheaded all these…

Climate change: short on proof, drowning in nonsense | The Spectator Australia