Company behind Michigan electric vehicle battery plant registered as Chinese foreign organization

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All businesses in China, including foreign ones, are required under the law to have such committees with three or more party members.

(Just the News) – The company responsible for a controversial electric vehicle battery plant in Michigan is registered under U.S. law as a foreign entity, filings show.

While the energy company Gotion, Inc. is based out of Fremont, Calif., Foreign Agents Registration Act documents filed by the corporation earlier this year show that it “is wholly owned and controlled” by Gotion High-Tech, which is based out of Hefei, a city in eastern China.

Michigan residents, Republicans and environmental groups have voiced opposition to Gotion’s plans to build a $2.4 billion electric vehicle battery plant near Big Rapids with more than $1 billion in taxpayer support.

The Chinese parent company’s governing articles state: “The Company shall set up a Party organization and carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

Gotion’s “Party Committee” will ensure the company follows the Chinese Communist Party’s regulations and “lead the ideological and political work, united front…

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