Consumers warned to remember failed energy policies of past

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(WND) Last year was the latest in a string of bad years for energy proposals. Before we continue down this path, it’s time to add a healthy dose of reality to the national conversation about energy and environmental policy.

Make no mistake, we are in an exciting, evolutionary moment for energy and the environment. Wind and solar power are coming onto the grid at a breakneck pace, carbon capture and storage is taking off, emissions are continuing their rapid decline. America is helping lead the world in carbon reduction, and innovations in energy technologies are improving performance and efficiency.

Our national issue with all this is how to properly capture these advances in a smart, consistent and reality-based way, so we can meet our economy’s growing energy demands without hurting families by making energy less affordable and reliable. This is a scientific and engineering challenge at a grand scale, something America has traditionally excelled at solving.

The great disconnect is how…

Consumers warned to ‘recall’ failed energy policies