Cult Problem? Former Extinction Rebellion Leader Admits She Saw People “Brainwashed”

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(The New American) While many of us have been saying that the climate alarmist movement is a cult of sorts, it is rare that a former leader in that movement confirms those suspicions. On Monday, though, Zion Lights, a former spokesperson for the U.K.-based climate activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) claimed she witnessed “brainwashing” in the group and effectively referred to the group as a “cult.”

“I watched people brainwashed into pulling outrageous stunts in the name of ‘saving the planet,’” Lights wrote of her time in the group.Extinction Rebellion, you may recall, is famous for its large-scale protests. They first rallied at the U.K. Parliament in 2018, then moved on to shutting down traffic across bridges over the River Thames in London and occupied London intersections on several occasions, snarling traffic for hours. In 2021, the group called for “the largest act of civil resistance in U.K. history.”

A longtime player in the environmental movement, Lights first joined XR in 2018 and noted certain “red flags” almost …

Cult Problem? Former XR Leader Admits She Saw People “Brainwashed” – The New American