Earth Day & How the Environmental Movement Went Off the Rails

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(Activist Post) When I moved to Northern California, I observed how a friend kept empty jugs in the bathroom to capture a few gallons of water while she waited for the shower to get hot enough.

She used the water for her houseplants and garden. She had planted her herbs on a slope, organized by how much water each needed.

Her actions were not derived from fear of climate. She did not need to be incentivized by or controlled by an external authority. Her habits were practical, reverential rituals, and acts of devotion to the waters of the planet.

She brought her full consciousness and presence to her choices.

Many EV drivers also feel a sense of satisfaction when they charge their vehicles.

But two scenarios of the water protector and the economic-growth driven EV roll-out (which outsources mining and disposal misery to other nations) are not the same. And neither is the misguided promotion of smart meters.

Environmentalism needs a consciousness reset.

Denigration of the Public by “Clean-Energy” Proponents

I read a book, at one point, about relationships. There was a story about the fact that a person who always leaves the lights on sometimes partners with someone always turns the lights off…

Earth Day & How the Environmental Movement Went Off the Rails – Activist Post