Ecological Devastation Left as Thousands of Migrants Cross Border to Texas

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(Brietbart) A video shot by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows the ecological disaster created by the more than 24,000 migrants who crossed the border near Brownsville in just over two weeks. The video shows the trash and waste left behind by the mostly Venezuelan migrants crossing from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, to Brownsville.

DPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez provided a video to Breitbart Texas that he shot while walking along the northern bank of the Rio Grande on Friday. The video captures the images of what is left behind for taxpayers to clean up and remove.

DPS video captures the tons of trash and waste left behand as more than 24,000 mostly Venezuelan migrants crossed from Mexico to Brownsville in the past two weeks. (Lt. Chris Olivarez/Texas DPS Video Screenshot

Olivarez shot the video on Friday as he walked through the tons of clothing, paperwork, and other garbage dumped by the more than 24,000 Venezuelan migrants who crossed from Mexico to the Brownsville area.

The video is reminiscent of a video shot last April by…

EXCLUSIVE: DPS Video Captures Eco Devastation as Thousands of Migrants Cross Border to Texas