Even in Montana Leftist Judges Go Nutty Green!

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Judge rules Montana environmental law unconstitutional, violates minors’ rights

(Center Square) – A Montana judge ruled the rights of 16 young climate activists have been violated by the state by depriving them of a clean environment from continued fossil fuel development.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen plans on appealing District Court Judge Kathy Seeley’s ruling, a spokesperson told The Center Square.

“The [Montana Environmental Policy Act] Limitation is unconstitutionally contributing to the depletion and degradation of Montana’s environment and natural resources and contributing to Plaintiffs’ injuries,” Seeley wrote in the ruling announced on Monday. “The MEPA Limitation deprives Plaintiffs of their constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

“The current barriers to implementing renewable energy systems are not technical or economic, but social and political,” the judge continued. “Such barriers primarily result from government policies that slow down and inhibit the transition to…

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