EVs Driven Far Less Than Gas-Powered Cars, Suggesting Overhyped Benefits of EV Push

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(The Epoch Times) – A new study shows that electric vehicles (EV) are being driven much less than than their gas-powered counterparts, suggesting that the claimed emission-reducing benefits of the big push for an EV transition are overblown.

Americans behind the wheel of fully electric cars drove nearly 4,500 miles per year less than they did gasoline-powered vehicles, according to a recent study that sought to quantify EV mileage in the United States.

Fully battery-powered EVs were driven an average of 7,165 miles annually compared to 11,642 miles for conventional gas-powered ones, a difference of 4,477 miles, per the study, which was published in the academic journal Joule.

The study is one of the largest on EV mileage to date, with researchers examining odometer data from 12.9 million cars and 11.9 million SUVs between 2016 and 2022.

“Our study shows that the current generation of EV owners aren’t using them as much as gas cars,” John Halveston, study co-author and Assistant Professor of…

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