Farmers Appeal to Governor in Battle for Property Rights

(The right to Life, Liberty, and PROPERTY! The Over-abuse of Eminent domain has become nothing more than government sanctioned theft – DD)

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(The New American) – South Dakota landowners battling eminent-domain lawsuits are asking their governor, “Where are you?”

Summit Carbon Solutions is proposing a 2,100-mile carbon-capture pipeline through the Great Plains, affecting hundreds of landowners in the Mount Rushmore State, among others. Capturing this carbon from ethanol plants in the Corn Belt is supposedly going to save Mother Earth from catastrophic climate change.

Though its proposal is still under review by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, Summit has already filed dozens of eminent-domain lawsuits against farmers who refuse to sign voluntary easements. The latter option means handing over control of their property to Summit, which is backed by foreign investors including China’s central bank.

Summit is also backed by pipeline dreams of the Biden administration, which is funneling billions of taxpayer dollars into carbon capture and sequestration technology to solve a climate crisis that does not exist.

Landowners are furious that, though Governor Kristi Noem campaigned on a platform in defense of…

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