Going Full Sauerkraut? Germany moves to roll out a “vegan surveillance state”

(Just how in the world is any self-respecting German going to live off 2 Brats a month? – DD)

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German Government Prepares To End Meat Consumption – Rations Of Just 10 Grams Daily!

(No Tricks Zone) The German government’s SRU Council on the Environment recommends all citizens be limited to a meat equivalent of just 2 sausages a month in an all-encompassing totalitarian behavior control plan.

In a segment dubbed “The Green Dietary Transformation”: ban shock for the barbecue season!“, critical German journalist Julian Reichelt (Germany’s version of Tucker Carlson) presents “the craziest yet planned green ban”: a complete elimination of meat from the human diet in Germany and worldwide.

Germany’s Federal Minister of Agriculture, Cem Özdemir (Green Party) is now moving to force Germans to radically stop meat consumption by limiting meat intake to just 10 grams daily, which is equivalent to about 2 burgers a month.

The German government’s latest proposal stems from recommendations made by…

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