‘It’s just a big rattlesnake farm’: Texas Wind-farm waste creates ‘hazardous’ new problem

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‘The county doesn’t have and cannot find millions of dollars to clean this up’

(WND) – Some small town residents in Texas and Iowa are frustrated by mounting piles of wind farm waste in their communities, according to Texas Monthly.

The turbines that onshore wind developments use to generate power can be up to 200 feet in length, and the material that they are made of is rigid, according to Texas Monthly. These attributes make the equipment difficult to remove or recycle after they are decommissioned, a reality which can lead to these turbines piling up in communities like Sweetwater, Texas, and irritating some of the locals who have to live in close proximity to the waste.

Discarded turbines now occupy about 30 acres of land in Sweetwater, according to Texas Monthly. Locals worry that there may not be a viable plan for getting rid of the equipment, leaving the piles of material to sit as dens for rattlesnakes and mosquito breeding hotbeds.

“It’s just a hazard all the way around,” Sweetwater resident Pamala Meyer said, according to Texas Monthly. “It’s just a big rattlesnake farm.”

The company that owns the waste has…

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