Leftists Loons Dismiss the Threat to the U.S. Power Grid

(Weren’t these nutz crying about the failing grid back a few years ago? I guess those roving blackouts and brownouts are just fantasy to someone with a nice beach breeze. Never overestimate the intelligence of someone who would swallow the libtard lifestyle and climate pack-o-lies. – DD)

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(Climate Realism) – Writing for the Florida Phoenix (The Phoenix), a “progressive” paper from Tallahassee Florida, environmental “journalist,” Craig Pittman mocks warnings from power grid operators who say shutting down coal and other fossil fuel power plants represents a danger to the U.S. power grid, and cites a litany of alleged climate change impacts as justification for his position. Data shows that the rapid-fire climate crisis assertions Pittman makes are false. By contrast, the looming threat of power grid destabilization, which Pittman dismisses, is real and must be taken seriously.

The article, “Amid record heat, Florida agencies give EPA climate change rules a cold shoulder,” is riddled with errors. So many, in fact, that to attempt to correct each one individually would make this Climate Realism post far longer than we typically write. Suffice it to say, Climate Realism has directly refuted many of the claims Pittman made in this article already in other posts. He hits on almost every single topic we’ve ever covered in his long, misinformed diatribe.

First, Pittman is very alarmed by the hot Florida summer, giving glib examples of what effects the summer has had, including…

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