Misleading Media Neglects to Examine Actual Data in Making “Hottest Summer Ever” Claims

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(Larry Hamlin, Climate Realism) – A recent WUWT article addresses the failure by climate alarmist media and scientists to utilize NOAA’s July through August summer maximum temperature data resulting in their false “hottest summer ever” headlines for the year 2023 with this summer characterized in the Los Angeles Times (L.A. Times) article as having been a “record breaker”.

The L.A. Times alarmist article referenced in this WUWT post was not based on measured global August average temperatures but instead was built upon the use of global average temperature anomaly measurements (Times article statement shown below).

“August was about 2.7 degrees warmer than preindustrial averages.”

The global August average temperature anomaly value represents the statistical temperature difference determined between the year 2023 global August average temperature outcome compared to the global August average temperatures compiled since 1895.

The global August temperature anomaly measure tells us nothing about August average temperature outcomes at any specific location on the globe nor does it tell us anything about August average temperature anomaly measurements at any specific global region.

The world’s oceans comprise about 70% of the earth’s surface with the land surfaces representing the remaining 30% that are spread out across the far flung 7 continents with the huge distance separations between these continents making the use of global average outcomes to characterize these regions completely invalid.

Additionally, the Times and other climate alarmist news media falsely characterize…

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