More Efficient and Green! John Kerry Praises China for Slavery

(You can’t make this shi17 up! The arrogance of these people is astounding – DD)

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‘Incredible Job’: John Kerry Praises China For Using More Slave Labor-Made Green Energy | The Daily Caller

(Daily Caller) – Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry heaped praise upon the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) green energy initiatives Monday, failing to acknowledge allegations that the CCP utilizes slave labor in production of certain green energy technologies, according to The Washington Post.

Kerry said that the CCP is doing an “incredible job” with its green energy initiatives, including solar panel manufacturing, during his visit to Beijing, according to The Washington Post. Beyond allegations of Uyghur slave labor use in solar panel manufacturing, the CCP uses child labor in mines essential to the green energy supply chain and oversees an economy which emitted almost twice as much carbon dioxide as the U.S. in 2021, according to Investopedia data.

Beyond allegations of using Uyghur slave labor, the CCP also is known to extract key minerals used to produce green technologies from mines in countries like the Democratic Republic the of Congo that use child labor. Republican Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey introduced legislation in late June that would…

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