NBC Weather Nutjob Forecasts An Uninhabitable American South

( If the South is gonna fry then Mexico ain’t got a chance. These idiots seem to forget that the hottest places on earth from the Kalahari to Death Valley are all INHABITED by people who adapted. It’s the nice, cool Antarctic that’ll kill you in minutes.
OK, people. I’m sick of your ambivalence. Make up your mind. Are we gonna burn to a cinder or drown in rising sea levels. – DD)

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NBC meteorologist cites U.N. doomsday report, says southern states too hot for humans by 2070

(ADN America) – n NBC meteorologist raised concerns Sunday that extreme heat could make the southern United States uninhabitable for humans, and that the doomsday scenario is “probably closer than you might think.”

Network meteorologist Angie Lassman cited a controversial 2022 United Nations climate report that says rising heat in the U.S. will make parts of Alabama, California, Georgia, Louisiana “less suitable” for human beings by 2070.

“The human body simply can’t handle these levels of heat and will go into heat stress,” guest host Joe Fryer said on NBC’s “Sunday Today” magazine show. “With much of the country and the world experiencing these record temps, at what point do certain areas just simply become uninhabitable for humans?”

Lassman confirmed Fryer’s concern, saying the doomsday scenario is “actually, probably closer than you might think,” adding that the southern U.S. is getting so hot humans will not be able to live there in 50 years, and that the purported shift is due to climate policies.

“That report also states that up to one-third of the global population will start experiencing life-threatening heat conditions, something that we currently only see in places like the Sahara,” she suggested.

“This all means climate migration, people in the hottest areas with the most vulnerable populations moving to avoid the heat and drought conditions. That of course, will put pressure on the cities and towns they move to and the heat [is] projected to cause this ripple effect this century.”

The alarming exchange comes less than a month after…

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