Payback! biden Approves Campaign Donors’ Solar Project Over Environmentalist Objections

Intersect Power has ‘raped the desert’ through Biden-approved solar farm, local resident says

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(Free Beacon) President Joe Biden is awarding thousands of acres of public land to a solar energy company whose top executive helped him raise millions of dollars—even as environmentalists and local residents say the company’s project harms their desert community.

Biden’s Interior Department last year greenlit Intersect Power’s plan for a desert solar farm that will occupy 2,600 acres of public land in Southern California. The move marked a rare occurrence in which the Biden administration ignored the pleas of environmental activists, who argue the project will destroy rare desert habitats and wildlife. Intersect’s ability to overcome that opposition likely validated executives’ decision to bankroll Biden’s campaign. Intersect CEO Sheldon Kimber gave the president’s campaign $180,000 and helped Biden raise at least $3.2 million through two fundraising groups. All told, Intersect’s executives donated a combined $413,000 to Biden in 2020.

This is not the first time the Biden administration has boosted a green energy company connected to a top campaign fundraiser. Leaders of Clean Energy for Biden—a…

Easy Being Green: Biden Approves Campaign Donors’ Solar Project Over Environmentalist Objections