RFK Jr’s vow to ban fracking met with intense criticism

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‘This is 100 percent disqualifying,’ energy expert Isaac Orr said in response to Kennedy’s promise

(FOX) – Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. vowed to ban hydraulic fracturing, which is known as fracking, a process of producing oil or natural gas.

Kennedy said in a thread posted on social media that such a ban would come as part of his 10-step plan to “fix the plastics pollution crisis.” He added that fracking provides the feedstock for the majority of domestically-produced plastics, which are largely derived from petroleum products and natural gas.

“I told all of you that this guy is anti-freedom,” energy expert Alex Epstein said in response to Kennedy’s post. “Banning fracking would immediately plunge the US into a depression. And [Kennedy] would do it to ‘solve’ an amorphous ‘plastics crisis.'”

“I know some conservatives who like RFK Jr but this is 100 percent disqualifying,” added Isaac Orr, a policy fellow focusing on energy issues at the Center of the American Experiment. “We rightly criticize Biden for limiting oil and gas production but even he hasn’t…

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