Shtuff Happens! Hundreds of climate activists shut down Federal Reserve building entrance

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Climate group calls Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell a ‘climate criminal’

(FOX) – Hundreds of climate activists blocked entrances to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on Monday afternoon as part of a string of actions set to take place for Climate Week NYC.

The protest – spearheaded by Stop the Money Pipeline, a coalition of 240 eco groups, and protest group Climate Defiance – took place outside the Federal Reserve’s offices in New York City and ultimately sparked a large police response. Linking arms to block the building’s doors, activists called for an end to fossil fuel financing and for government action to end fossil fuel development.

“We need to regulate the end of fossil fuels. We need to end fossil fuels now,” one protester shouted. “Our planet is dying. Our forests are on fire. We are being flooded. The hurricanes are getting worse – the earthquakes, the tornadoes. The planet is crying out, we need to hear her. We need international standards to shut this down. Our lives are on the line, our planet, our home is on the line.”

“They’re not doing anything because their pockets are lined with dirty oil and gas money,” she…

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